Somewhere in between a circus side-show and a pair of travelling snake-oil salesmen, The Bonneville Barons are the hot string duo of Yann Mahdjoub (string bass, vocals) and Chris Wilkinson (guitar, vocals). After cutting his teeth with wild rockabilly band The Tawny Owls in his native France, Ramblin' Yann relocated to the UK in 2002.

Eager to find musicians he received a call from 23-year-old Marvel comics devotee Chris Wilkinson. After meeting in the summer of 2005 the boys began writing and rehearsing their own original material when they came to the attention of Western Star supremo Alan Wilson, who swiftly signed them up and released their debut recording 'The Guitar & Bull-Fiddle of The Bonneville Barons' on Western Star Records.

The pair rehearsed and performed constantly in support of their debut album, playing at every house party, BBQ and bar that would have them. In 2007 the boys embarked upon Europe, making 3 trips to Yann's homeland before finishing off the year with their first appearance at London's legendary Ace Café and the Hillbilly Hop. Even an auto-wreck on a French highway couldn't slow this pair down!

They returned to Western Star studios for 3 days in January 2008 to record their second full-length album, 'Platter Piñata', featuring 13 original songs combining rockabilly, western swing and hillbilly jazz as well as a guest appearance from Hampshire's finest, Lynette Morgan.

Make no mistake, this isn't about nostalgia - the boys have a great passion for music from the 40s & 50s but they treat it as their own, performing brand new original material imbued with the energy of the atomic age. Kinda like using a 60-year-old still to brew your own moonshine!

So next time they're making a personal appearance near you don't forget to stop by and see the biggest little band on planet - this is one hillbilly hoedown you don't wanna miss!